Miles of Love

To the South Owl, The sun is at the end of its line, and stars are climbing up through my mind, lights have gone off into the glares, and all I can feel is the air, Through your hair, I believe, I see my senses breathing free through our dreams. Miles away from our beating…Read more Miles of Love



The beautiful and serene , her colours abrupt the seas, she shades the sky with ease, and surrenders the words to peace. Muse and rituals saves her flight , the eye defining season’s blind, her canopies inhibiting the saintly forge, her love of silence, the visionary hold, those sights entails the world we see, splash…Read more Expressions

The Story of a Human Being

“She had blood, but no nation, She had love, but not a destination, She had colours in her life, She was the Nur of Humanity” She was trapped in a cell, grey walls were the only companion to her thoughts; no memory about her past, just the pain trembling through her nerves to the head…Read more The Story of a Human Being

Mystery of History

"Our ignorance of history causes us to slander our own times"- Gustave Flaubert  Historians, scholars and many notable men have written ample number of pages about historical events, yet there are millions of realities and incidents that are hidden and undiscovered. There are thousands of emotions and cognition which are lost with the ignorance of…Read more Mystery of History